Only a couple of the terraces on our side of our condo building have Christmas lights or similar decorations. This building down the street from us has seemingly all participated and coordinated the whole all white lights vs multi color lights approach. The designs are different but everyone seems to be thinking along the same line.

The rows of homes along any given street seem to follow a theme, probably in an effort to “do as the neighbors do”. You’ll see a bunch of homes in a row with all white lights on one block and then on another block you’ll see a bunch of home with lights of varying colors. Years ago I heard a discussion around whether this types of lights used were indicative of a socioeconomic status, but I don’t think this holds completely true. If anything I think this would apply more to the inside decorations.

We confuse people as we have multiple trees with multiple approaches to decorations.

Growing up we had the family room, which was decked out in colonial 1970s wallpaper and color scheme. I would decorate a tree with red and white decorations and all red lights. I always enjoyed doing this. In later years the red lights gave up the ghost and the tree was decorated in all white lights.

It was still quite enjoyable.