This has been a little bit of a strange week thus far. I’m already in a weekend frame of mind, which isn’t entirely unusual in itself since I’m sort of wired for the weekend but tonight I keep thinking tomorrow is Saturday. And it’s only Wednesday. And I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to work the early shift.

I think the week is a little weird because it’s bookended with extra days off. I called off sick on Monday due to that 24-hour bug thing I had (which is completely out of my system, apparently) and I have a forced day off from work on Friday. Jamie will be out of town and Earl has taken a vacation day on Friday so it looks like there might be an adventure in the Jeep this weekend. And I’m kind of thinking about that. I have other things on my mind as well, but I’m definitely in a weekend mood.

Last night we had our adventure at Dunkin’ Donuts; tonight Jamie, Earl and I dressed in a presentable manner and went to Barnes and Noble where we read books, interacted with society, looked wise and had a cookie. There were no discussions about the lad named Beef Stew because he doesn’t work at Barnes and Noble, so instead we talked about important things such as the unavoidable arrival of 2012 in three years, the quality of a pumpkin chai and whether George Carlin lived in Nevada or not.

Yep, definitely in a weekend mood.