So I have spent the day home from work recuperating from a bout with an apparent 24-hour bug. Yesterday afternoon I was hit hard by something that got me all stopped up. It was a struggle for me to breathe, I was sweating like a pig and I just felt like crap. I doubled up on the Vitamin C intake and hoped for the best but the bug ultimately won and I called off sick from work today. That’s very rare for me.

I ended up going to bed fairly early and didn’t wake up until between 11 and 12 this morning. When I awoke I had a nurse watching over me. I believe he said “no pictures” and told the camera to get out of there. I guess it was his Sean Penn imitation.


After spending until 1 p.m. in bed relaxing, fading in and out of consciousness and playing on the computer a little bit, I finally jumped into the shower and threw on my best clothes from 2003 (jeans shorts and a t-shirt) as I wanted to just feel comfortable.  I had some lunch, drank more juice and by 2:30 or so I was feeling better. I’m not 100% by any stretch of the imagination but I’m getting there and feel like I’m making progress.

I think the boatload of sleep is what helped the situation. I’m going to take it easy this evening to make sure all is well before heading back to work in the morning.