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“BREAKING: Los Angeles Lakers defeat Orlando Magic, win NBA Championship I More: http://sms.msnbc.com.” This is from 676-22.

Here’s the deal. I stopped SMS messages from Windows Live about a week ago. I was trying out some of the Live services and I thought I would turn on breaking news alerts on my phone so that I could sound informed at the office water bubbler (which was actually taken away due to budget constraints, now we just sort of linger around the limp ice trays in the kitchen freezer).

I have decided that the Windows Live / Bing / MSN services don’t really fit my needs as nicely as I wanted them to so I turned off all alert notifications to my phone. But they haven’t stopped. Nothing is checked, nothing is activated, but they still keep coming. And coming. And coming.

Yesterday morning I replied to one of the breaking news alerts with one simple command: ‘STOP’. I was promptly informed of this:
Msnbc.com: To STOP a program reply with the number:
2. BIZ
8. All

So I replied with “Stop 8”. No one complained about my reply but the messages continued. So then I tried just “8”. I received a message from the little beast: MSNBC: Sorry 2 see U go. You will receive no more mobile alerts after today. More: Visit http://alerts.msnbc.com

This was yesterday. But the messages continued.

So today I did the same thing and it gave me the same schtick. Let’s see if these alerts continue after midnight.

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