Dear Ms. Palin:

Is it o.k. to call you “Ms.”? I should call you Governor but I’m not sure that the title appeals to the Joe Six Pack crowd you adore so much. Maybe I’ll stick to the traditional approach and just call you “Mrs.” or “Your Ladyship”.

Anyways, a quick question for you if you’re not too busy being all mavericky. From my backyard I can watch brand new Boeing 777 Dreamliners and AWAK planes and military fighter jets land and takeoff from the local airfield. Because of this, would you please consider me to be the new head of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) should you and the Spooky One1 get into office in November? I believe my credentials are equivalent to yours, what with you being able to see Russia and all.

Thank you.

1 I’m waiting for the end of this bad episode where Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby rip off McCain’s mask to reveal who the mean guy really is.