The alarm clock said 3:26. The house shook as another gust of wind pushed it’s way through. I looked out the bedroom window and saw that the lawn was lit up brilliantly, jumping up for a closer look I noticed it appeared to be a full moon.

The roar of the wind continued. I put on a pair of jockey shorts and made my way through the dark house to the patio door. The lawn furniture was doing it’s own little dance on the patio. The pillows ran across the lawn. The umbrella turned and shook in rhythm with the rest.

I went outside and made sure everything was secured. The moon was shining brilliantly. The wind was unbelievably warm and so very forceful. There was such power in that wind. Trees were bowing to Mother Nature in ways I haven’t seen them bow in a long time in these parts. I chased the pillows across the lawn and picked them up. They were easy to spot in the bright moonlight.

After everything was secure, I went back into the lawn. I was bare footed. The warm, strong winds caressed my body. I was bathed in moonlight. It was then that I found my nature based spiritual beliefs once again, and in the Wiccan tradition I went skyclad. I opened my arms and thanked the Universe for that incredibly beautiful moment. I felt alive. I felt refreshed. I felt that I was looking at beauty that few saw at that time of night.

I reveled in the experience for nearly 10 minutes before going back in the house. I then slept peacefully the rest of the night.