Hold On Tight.

The week is flying by at an incredible rate. Earl and I just got back from another trip to Syracuse, where we saw my sister, brother-in-law and the two boys (Dave’s first son and the new little guy). He is doing splendidly for being three weeks early, but his mum and dad haven’t had much time to sleep in the hospital this week. Apparently people are in and out of the room on a 24 hour basis so they catch little catnaps here and there. I think Jennifer might be discharged early tomorrow or Friday.

I’ve been keeping busy taking care of Earl, who had to have a tooth pulled instead of the planned root canal yesterday and trying to keep peace between the cats. Tom doesn’t like having another cat in the house and Xena, Jennifer’s cat, doesn’t acclimate well to a change in her surroundings. She buries herself between the covers on the spare bed and hisses at things. A bird will fly by the window, she hisses. The phone ring, she hisses. We try to make the bed and she throws a damn hissy fit. The only time she isn’t hissing is when she’s eating a treat I gave her. Instead she growls between swallows. She refuses to come out of the bedroom, so she has a litter box, food, water and familiar toys in there. Does she bat playfully at the toys? No. She wedges herself behind the computer and hisses.

I have no idea what to do to get her to calm down. I guess it’ll just take time.

Meanwhile, we are going to have a selection of houseguests for the next month or so. This should all be very interesting.