As I drove back and forth from school today I had several random thoughts singing around in this active head of mine. I thought I would share. I might get a little ranty.

1. Heads up to people that are not familiar with winter driving. You can not dodge the snowflakes and it’s o.k. for them to hit your car. In addition, it is not wise to slam on the breaks when you find yourself in a whiteout (blowing/drifting snow or snow that’s falling down really hard). The person behind you will slam into you and to make the occasion more joyous they can’t see you because you’ve stopped in the middle of the whiteout. Note to New Jersey drivers – for some reason you folks feel that putting your sunglasses on in the middle of a whiteout helps your visibility. It doesn’t. It makes you look stupid.

2. While we’re in the car, you want FRESH air from OUTSIDE blowing into your car so that the windows don’t get all foggy. If you’re driving around with foggy windows and you can’t figure out how to fix the problem (don’t use RECIRCULATE on your heater), you’re a dumb ass.

3. Professors that announce at the beginning of the semester that all tests, quizzes, etc. are open book and then announce two hours before said exam that it’s NOT open book deserve the flu they are suffering with.

4. I was listening to a Mac podcast on the way to school this morning and decided to shut it off and delete it off my iPod. I am a rabid user of all things Apple but quite frankly the stereotypical Mac fanboy makes me want to vomit. It’s a company, not a religion. I hold nothing against those that choose to use Linux or Windows and would gladly help anyone. It’s a little more painful to help Windows users but I can deal with it. Apple bollocks their software just as much as Microsoft does so come down off the cross.

5. I am not going to get into the habit of playing hip hop and rap during my DJ gigs (there’s a very few customers that request it) and if they want that kind of music I’m not the guy for the job.

6. I am sick of the snow. I used to love winter. But that love has been lost. I’d rather deal with rain than with snow. Give me between 60 and 75 degrees fahrenheit, no matter the precipitation and I’d be quite content.

7. Apparently the writer’s strike is over. I find myself not giving a damn, though I don’t know why I even mention it since our current television line up includes only three programs: “Las Vegas”, “Private Practice” and “American Idol”. I gave up on “Heroes” halfway through the second season and nothing else really holds my interest.

8. I’ve decided that I want to go to a rugby game, though I know little about the sport. I also want to play on a gay football team. I don’t know what makes the team gay because all football players pat each others’ arses, but there you are.