Well Earl and I just got done watching Judging Amy…

Well Earl and I just got done watching Judging Amy. A pretty good episode, until the very end. It struck me as a bit hokey when she found out that her ex-husband has had a detective following her around for a year. Oh well. Now, I think Amy Brenneman is one of the hottest women on TV, ever, and I really like the character of Amy Gray, so this story line is striking me as a little weak. Let’s see how it pans out.

Earl and I decorated the inside of the house tonight for the holidays. The tree looks beautiful – I’ll be posting pictures in a day or two. Earl took a picture of me wearing the Christmas Tree Skirt. Now that’s lovely. I was smoothing it out over my lap and he said I should put it on, so I did and even posed. I looked like a fool.

I felt much better at work today. I don’t know why I was in such a funk yesterday. I think it helped that last night I took the time to write my goals down for 2003. Earl has his managers do that at work, and I decided to participate in the exercise. The list is a little lengthy, but it’s all stuff that I really want to achieve next year. Sort of an organized New Year’s resolutions I suppose. One of the things I have planned are two lengthy bike trips. One will be a three day trip in late April or early May. The other will be a seven day trip in late August. I am really hoping to accomplish both of those next year.

Earl is slowly adjusting to his iMac. It does amazing things, but we’re finding that OS X 10.2 is not as “compatibility friendly” as we would like it to be. There’s a bunch of stuff that he still can’t do, but he made his first iPhoto album the other night and now he’s playing around with pictures he took tonight. Let’s see how he does. Thanks to Thom for the insight on “Virtual PC”. OS X really reminds me of Linux, but then again, it’s written on Unix which Linux is a derivative of, so there you are.

The Caroline Rhea show has been very fun the last couple of days. I wish the New York affiliate would get on the ball and move her to a normal time slot so that Monday night Football didn’t interrupt it.

I’ve been finding myself staying up later at night and my body seems to be adjusting pretty well. I seem to function pretty well on 7 1/2 hours of sleep these days (I was sleeping 9 – which I think was too much!)

Tom has found himself to be quite comfortable on the new desks. Now he can sit right over the keyboard.