I just completed the last homework assignment for the math class from hell. Luckily it was a take-home exam that has a substantial weight on our final grade. I say “luckily” because I was able to take my time, think problems through and use notes to complete this and it may keep my grade from falling completely down the garbage. Tonight’s question is, do people really still play with square roots and factoring? Why factor when you can google. That’s what I always say.

I discovered today that Professor Frightful and his cast of voices in the chalkboard do not have a sense of humour. At the beginning of class he reiterated that our final would be two days, this upcoming Thursday and Friday. Feeling rather bold, I asked, “It’s a take home final, correct?”. He glared and the voices said “no” in a crazy chorus. So I pressed, “oh that’s right, it’s open book, not take home.”

He continued to glare and I heard the voices in the chalkboard say “We are not amused.” The rest of the class snickered.

In all of our other classes we’ve had the opportunity to fill out the professor performance survey, in which we rate our professor and learning experience on a scale of 1 to 5 except question #14, in which we must answer “3” to prove we are paying attention. Why am I not surprised that Professor Frightful hasn’t followed the lead of his colleagues? Before class began two of my fellow students mentioned how they had gone to the department head to complain and he basically responded with a “sucks to be you.” I find all sides of the conversation to be quite daring.

Nevertheless, the college experience comes to a temporary end on Friday at 1 p.m. Then we’ll have fun fun fun.