Calculated Insanity.

School Insanity.

With less than a month in this less than stellar semester at school, the professors are discovering that the syllabus wasn’t some sort of weird nightmare and that we all have to get cracking if we are going to be ready for the next Big Test. Professor Frightful and his cast of characters that live in the chalk board (and only speak to him) decided that our next exam will be extra long to catch up with the syllabus, but as a bonus we’ll get to take it home so that we can share the merriment with the family. This may save me. Please disregard the bags under my eyes when that day comes.

In Surveying class we are running speed trials on how fast we can set up equipment that is so obsolete it has a built in abacus. Earl is constantly reminding me that I must learn the basics so that I can appreciate the technology that is available to a budding engineer such as myself, and when my classmates share my complaints I remind them that Rome was built without a computer and I suppose we could do the same just so we can appreciate the good old days. Besides, I hear Caesar was hot.

For the past two hours I’ve been struggling with inverse coordinates in coordinate geometry. The method we are using is for checks and balances purposes. I have numbers that are positive. I have numbers that are negative. I have numbers that dance on a calculator and I have numbers that dance in my nightmares. I know they’re matching with something out there and I’m confident I’ve drawn my required maps properly, I just can’t prove it. To keep the mood giddy, we have a quiz on all this tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll go raid the stash of cookies in the cupboard. Just don’t ask me to find the diameter of a Lorna Doone.