iDid It.

Back in June during the big Apple iPhone hype I said that I wasn’t going to get an iPhone. I found them to be a little too expensive and quite frankly I wasn’t in the mood to stand in line for days for a cell phone. Well then Steve Jobs announced a couple of weeks ago that effective immediately, they were dropping the price by $200. While still a tad on the expensive side, the 8GB model was something that I could handle.

Guess what we bought tonight.


Aside from the fact that my Motorola Razr has not held up well over the past year, I wanted something that I could manage my school deadlines and assignments and whatnot easily with. I’ll admit it, I also wanted to be one of the cool kids on campus. I haven’t seen an iPhone in use yet at school, I’m hoping to be one of the popular trendsetters.


  1. Betch!

    Actually good on ya! I’d be really interested to see how you find using it, especially re. things like how you get round the lack of MMS and video capture – or are they not that big deals in the US? It would be great too if you could blog sometime on your experiences of using it in day-to-day use.

    I’m currently saying I’ll not be getting one for a few reasons but I can feel my resolve starting to crumble a little…

  2. Welcome to the Cool kids table! Have a seat.

    I’m glad they dropped the price but I feel a bit used. I got mine a month after the release date, so I didn’t even get the two full months of the over-pricedness as most of the other early iPhoners. Live and learn. I’m sure it won’t be the last piece of tech I spend way to much money on. I haven’t allowed myself to get completely pissed of over the matter and now I have a $100 Apple credit, so whatever.

    More importantly, I hope you are enjoying your new baby! I simply love mine. Even with all it’s shortcomings it’s still a home run in my book.

    In regards to the lack of MMS, I would think that could easily be resolved by simply going to a website that posts MMS for iPhone users. AT&T directs you to a site but the video must be in Flash or other non-supported format, because it doesn’t work on the iPhone.

    The biggest thing I miss and I desperately wished it had is Voice Dial. I miss my Voice Dial. VD is standard on all high end and most midlevel cell phones. I was shocked it didn’t have it.

    I just came back from a work related trip in Miami and I tell you the IPhone is the best traveling companion you can ask for. Even though it isn’t on the 3G network it is totally awesome to be able to get online and check schedules, find stores, etc.

    I hope you have tons of iFun!

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