To Dive For.

There was a time when I could easily eat a large bag of Doritos in one sitting and not even think twice about it. In an effort to get this aging body back into shape I’ve kicked that habit for the most part, however I wanted something to snack on once in a while that felt kind of chippy but was rather healthy.

Enter Belgian Endive and Vegetable Hommus.

I’ve taken to eating the leaves from a head of endive and making like they’re chips, using vegetable hommus as the dip. It’s a tasty little treat that helps me keep within my self-imposed caloric confines and gives me the feeling that I’ve had a snack.

When I was a kid we kept our vegetables to the standards: peas, carrots, beans and corn. Once in a while we’d get a treat with beets. Oh, and there’s fried green tomatoes, which I absolutely love. When I ventured out on my own as an adult, I discovered the virtues of eggplant. Eggplant rocks in the summertime, especially when you’re looking for something to grill and you want to fake being healthy about it.

Endive has an interesting taste. It’s slightly bitter. It mixes well with the vegetable hommus I enjoy. I’ve never had endive any other way but I’m betting it would be good with spinach and artichoke dip.