Back On The Saddle.

After nearly two weeks of being off my bike I took the opportunity to hit the pavement this evening. With all traces of my little cold just about gone, I think the ride did the trick and knocked whatever was left completely out. I feel great.

I was tempted to ride this evening until after dusk but I don’t have a light on my bike. When I was a kid I loved riding after dark. I’d be on my Huffy three speed (in startling brown) with my little generator light humming off my tire and the subsequent light only bright enough to make out vague shapes of what was ahead in the road. I’d hang out with the other kids down the street, goofing off or playing some super stealth version of hide and seek and then make the trek home after dark. There was only one street light along the 1/2 mile between point A and point B and it didn’t do a good job of revealing the dog named Barney that liked the chase bicycles. He was always a challenge. I like to think of him from time to time and thank him for my strong leg muscles. He helped them develop early.

The weather looks promising for more cycling this week. It’s good to be back on the saddle.