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Oops I Did It Again.

I had a blog software upgrade go bad, so all my data is here but my pictures, videos and display themes are a little wonky at the moment. Please bear with me, but I’ll continue blogging with this temporary setup.

You’d think after 25 years of doing this computer thing I’d get it right by now.

Update 2007-07-03 23:50 – I’ve restored 3/4 of the videos and pictures from the past week. I’ve also restored the look of the page. Hopefully, my webhost will be able to restore it all tomorrow but I’m not banking on it. I’ll just keep working on restoring pictures but a couple of videos might be lost.

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  1. I feel for you JP. My brother (a fellow geek) and I have this theory that our health and happiness is proportional to how well our systems are running.

    Classic example – At a family party someone tells me my brother doesn’t look well. I look over at my normally kept brother. His clothes and hair are all disheveled, unshaven, bags under his eyes. Me – “What’s wrong?” Him – “System drive crash” That’s all he needed to say. We were the only ones in the room who understood.

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