The Ride Along The Canal.

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from the same area, it’s equally as powerful.

I hate graffiti. While some see beautiful artwork when observing the spray painting on a bridge or side of a building, I usually see vandalism.

On my bike ride along the Erie (Barge) Canal today, I noticed that there’s a lot of graffiti on the bridge supports for the roadways that cross the canal and trail. Most of them amounted to seemingly incomprehensible scribblings, however, two images stood out among the random symbols. This is one of them, the other is on my Flickr account, just click that image and move around my account a little bit to see it.

I also took quite a bit of video which I threw together into one piece to share. I figured out my sound issue while I was filming, so just kind of deal with the minute and half of excessive wind noise. I know better for next time.

The video is about six minutes long and requires Adobe Flash Player.