It’s never good to see “You have one voicemail” on the cell phone after math class. Those who would call me know that I’m in school and would usually call me after school, plus I don’t think there’s that many people that would call me anyway, so seeing that I received a voicemail while I was sitting in class gave me an eerie feeling.

It was Earl. He fell asleep while driving on the Thruway today, with the cruise control on, and was awakened by the sound of his car sideswiping a guardrail at 72 MPH.

He’s not hurt and the car has an interesting pattern scraped down the entire length of it but it’s perfectly driveable. It just looks a little ghetto or white trashy right now.

My partner never gets enough sleep and he didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Instead of scolding him, well, maybe I scolded him just a little bit once I knew he was o.k., I told him that I’ll be joining him for a bowl of Cheerios and a glass of juice every morning.

I’ll even be chipper when I do it. Anything to avoid voicemail messages like that.


  1. OMG! That’s scary. I’m glad Earl is ok. He was lucky a tractor trailer or an other vehicle wasn’t close by. It could have been messy. Wish him my best.

  2. O my God.. So glad you are o.k. Earl sounds very scary. I don’t want to get a dreaded phone call so PLEASE eat breakfast and make sure you get enough sleep.Keep on him J.P.

  3. So glad Earl is okay! “You have no messages” can sometimes be the most welcome news. No news is good news, right?

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