Scrubbing Bubbles.

In an valiant effort to ready myself for full-time domestic status (we full-time students get elected to clean house full-time as well), I went crazy the other night and sprayed oven cleaner all over the front of the radarange microwave. It seemed like the sensible thing to do. I didn’t want to sit there with a chisel and scrape the goop off the front of it and since it was stuff that had splattered from the stove that sits right below it, I figured the Easy Off would work beautifully since it did such a fabulous job on the cooktop.

It took the pads right off the buttons.

But it looks so shiny and clean.

Luckily, there was enough goop on there that I was able to save the actual writing on the pads, but the non-slip surface is gone and now we run the danger of our fingers sliding wildly from “preheat” to “burn” or from ‘9’ to ‘6’, running the risk of over boiling our water by 30 seconds.

But it looks so shiny and clean.

I’m wondering if I should clean the inside of the beast by using the same method, but then I wondered if something would catch fire or end up converting our next dish into a Taco Bell special with some sort of weird disease.

Maybe I’ll get a radarange microwave for Christmas.