Photo on 6-12-13 at 8.29 PM

Somebody switched his iPhone 5 back to iOS 6. While I’m probably not allowed to say much of this because of developer agreements, I will tell you that when iOS 7 is released this autumn it is going to be awesome and people will love it. It will definitely breathe new life into your iDevice.

That being said, as expected, beta 1 is not ready for primetime yet. It’s the start of something great, but I can’t use it on my main iPhone right now. It’s too unstable for my needs. All of that is OK and expected. What I kind of didn’t expect was not being able to restore my iCloud backup to iOS 6. So I just finished reverting my phone back to the latest “real” version of iOS and then manually setting it up to my liking. I had to download all of my apps one by one again.

My phone is flying in regards to speed. I’m a very happy camper.