December Walk.

December Walk.

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Today turned out to be such a lovely day that Earl and I decided we needed to get a little fresh air. We started the day by putting up the “little” Christmas tree, our white tree with green ornaments that we put in the front room. Afterwards, while in a somewhat festive mood, we both felt a little heavy after having a waffle and bacon for breakfast, so we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go for a walk.

We ended up walking about four miles along the historic Erie Canal, which is not far from our home.

We encountered a couple of cyclists, a jogger and several hunters, some of which were on their ATVs. Everyone was friendly and luckily we were not shot.

After the walk I had a few work-related chores to tend to. Tonight we’re going to put up the “big” Christmas tree in the great room.

I think the walk did wonders for our well-being. We need to get sunlight more often.