Pray For Me.

Earl and I went to the local Barnes and Noble this afternoon for a little after supper dessert and hot chocolate and some browsing. After a piece of a delightful apple crumb pie and armed with a cup of cocoa, I walked around the Mini-Me version of our local store to look at various titles and such. As I made my way around the store, I ventured over into the New Age Spirituality section. Here I looked through various books by the likes of Sylvia Browne and John Edward, as well a selection of titles on Paganism and Wicca.

As I was looking over the various titles with a mild interest, my bionic hearing beeped a few times and started catching the conversation going on at the sofa and chairs arranged near the bookshelf. Apparently there was a study group going of some sort and after further eavesdropping, I was able to determine that this was a Bible study group and they were approaching full tilt beater mode. One of the members of the group was near tears because we are so close to the end of times and she has no way of knowing if Jesus has accepted her soul to be saved at the time of the Rapture. A surprisingly young gentleman was telling her she should be on her hands and knees day and night praying for his forgiveness, just like the man over there looking at the works of the devil himself. Being my usual self, I looked over at the group, where the two members were looking at me while still continuing their conversation. I simply said, “Blessed Be”, and I meant it with all the kindness that I felt toward these people. They continued looking at me, so I then gave them the witch’s honor sign and said “Witch’s honor”, with the best little smirk I could muster.

I wish I could have vanished in thin air at that moment, but I didn’t feel like startling them right there in the middle of Barnes and Noble. So I moved along and let them continue their study group discussion.

I believe that anyone can believe in whatever they wish. If you want to worship you’re dishwasher, then by means worship your dishwasher and offer it endless Cascade, but for goodness sake do not impose your beliefs on me. I am more than willing to discuss spirtuality with anyone, regardless of their beliefs, but I believe the conversation should be calm and rational, not fire and brimstone. And for the record, I fully believe in a higher power, and that power is all-knowing, all-wise and all-loving of all creatures. It is so big it far exceeds the concept of male or female. I find it somewhat humorous that this all-mighty power could be a man with a beard sending all sorts of judgments out but if that’s what gets you through the day then believe in it the best you can.

Blessed Be.