Falling Leaves.

Leaf Check 09.21.2006.

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This weekend marks the official beginning of autumn, which happens to be my favorite season of the year. This past summer was a bit of a dud as far as weather goes with a lot of rain falling in our area, I’m hoping that means we’ll have some spectacular colors as the leaves turn.

Another thing I enjoy about autumn is that my method of cooking is more acceptable. I like to throw everything in a crock pot the night before and let it do it’s thing all day long, so supper is ready to go when we get home from work. I have books on how to cook just about anything in a crock pot, including a chocolate cake. Perhaps I’ll have to give that a whirl this fall.

I thought our busy summer schedule would simmer down once the weather cooled down, but we have something planned for next bunch of weekends, including weddings, going to Buffalo to see old friends and one of many (hopefully) Eagles games in Philadelphia.

For once I don’t have something to bitch about in my blog today, life is good. I hope it’s good for everyone that’s reading this. I could probably get a good rant worked up about the various headlines I’ve seen scroll across CNN this morning, but I’m not in the mood. We all know the world is a mess, no need in having yet another blogger point that out.