And We’re Off.


Tonight I did something that I haven’t done in almost 20 years. I sat in a real academic setting in a real school with real students and an honest to goodness professor. Tonight I took the very first step in becoming a Traffic Engineer.

It is very, very exciting. I couldn’t be happier.

I’m taking a course in CAD (more specifically Solidworks) so that I’m up to speed with prerequisites for the engineering courses I plan to take at the local college starting in January. It’s just assumed that you’re proficient in CAD, so I need to get up to speed. I interpreted and modified blueprints for an old Manpower job back in 1990 but other than that, I’ve had little experience in AutoCAD and the like. So I’m attending a couple of adult education courses at BOCES this fall to get up to speed.

I even brought home my first mechanical drawing for Earl to hang on the refrigerator. He’s very proud.