Getting Wet.

It was a bright, beautifully sunny day here in Central New York today. Unfortunately, that did not stop the flood waters that are literally swamping parts of New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. As I type this entry, it’s raining again, with thunderstorms and heavy rain predicted through midnight.

Work has been somewhat hectic as we are trying to keep up with telephone service repairs. It’s not easy to fix one telephone wire, let alone a junction box with several thousand wires, under several feet of water. This is one of the few occasions where I’m happy to be inside in the Network Operations Center instead of being out in the field getting dirty, and wet. Bravo to the crews out there that are helping in any way they can.

Earl’s company’s plant in Binghamton was four feet underwater as of yesterday. Today the water had retreated to less than a foot.

My aunt that lives in Conklin, just south of Binghamton, was rescued from her home as it was being flooded. Apparently she was airlifted out by helicopter. A home down the street from her house blew up from presumably a ruptured gas main.

The Fonda Speedway in the Mohawk Valley would more appropriately be called Lake Fonda. Perhaps they can race speedboats instead of supermods this weekend.

Any roadway, except the main expressway, that crosses the Mohawk River near our home is currently closed. No mall for this boy tonight, as it’s hard to just get there from here. It’s not worth the effort anyway.

And it’s raining. And raining. And raining again. I think our pool is finally overflowing for the first time since we’ve lived here.

I heard the sun will come out tomorrow.