Now that we’re back at home and getting ready to settle back into the routine, today was the perfect opportunity for some together time.

Being Mother’s Day and all, we got together with my Mom and my sister at the local casino for their big Mother’s Day brunch. It was a fancy affair in one of their ballrooms, with a couple hundred tables, tons of food and live entertainment singing brunchy type music. It was good to catch up with Mom and Jennifer; Mom was delighted with her gift from Earl and I, a Black Hills Gold lapel pin with a little rose on it. Sometimes it helps to travel while gift shopping. After brunch we all took turns at winning money on slots and/or table games, none of us had the opportunity to applaud.

After the casino, I drove up to my Dad’s house to pick up our son. My dad and Karen are off vacationing for the weekend, so I had the opportunity to play hide and seek with Tom without interrupting others. Cats have such an advantage when it comes to hiding, being able to fit under water heaters in the basement and all. He knew the sound of my footsteps and jetted for the cellar stairs as soon as he heard and saw me coming in the door. Nevertheless, I finally won the game and off in the Jeep we went. He didn’t complain nearly as much as on the ride up there, and he spared me from body fluid cleanup. I think he was secretly relieved to be heading home. Once he was through he door he started purring and hasn’t stopped since.

Tomorrow it’s back to work after two weeks of vacation. I have to admit that I’m kind of looking forward to the challenge with a clear head. I hope I can remember this relaxed state three hours into the workday tomorrow.