Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu
Earl and I have kicked back and relaxed most of the day. After the busy week we’ve both had, it’s just what we needed. After having supper at the local Greek restaurant, we came home and settled down to watch a DVD we purchased from the bargain bin a couple of weeks ago.

The movie was “Xanadu”.

While Earl and I had seen bits and pieces of the movie, neither of us had ever sat down and watched the entire movie from beginning to end. Being the fantasy and special effects buff that I am, “Xanadu” is right up my alley. The music is an added bonus.

“Xanadu” has 1980 written all over it in big, bold, colorful magical strokes. It’s not Shakespeare by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a great movie to escape to. The special effects are outrageously wonderful, the roller skating is wonderfully dated looking and the escapism of the movie is welcomed. I loved the movie and would watch it again in a minute. The crazy special and sound effects in the movie have furthered my interest in making my own videos; had I’d been old enough in 1980 and perhaps a little more focused in my creative endeavors I probably would have been making 8mm films in the spirit of “Xanadu”.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that in 2006. I’m inspired.