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I was listening to the gay radio station on Sirius radio this afternoon on the way home from lunch and I heard them talking about the executive director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I’ve mentioned that I plan on riding in the Ride for Missing Children again this year, as I did back in 2003. According to this show I was listening to, the Executive Director made some somewhat homophobic remarks about gays being in the Boy Scouts and that old tired story.

It’s got me thinking about whether I want to ride in the Ride this year or make a charitable donation to a more open-minded, child-oriented charity instead. Would my contribution to the ride be welcome?

Something to think about.

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  1. Have you considered writing to that company? Many of my friends have various fundraising projects in which they participate throughout the year, some of which are related to our community, some to aids, and some to various other causes. I would think it would behoove them to not upset a subsection of the population with a rather high disposable income and willingness to raise funds for organizations such as theirs.

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