As I mentioned near the beginning of the year, I’ve been faithfully following along with the latest incarnation of American Idol. I thought the initial auditions were a little outrageous. I haven’t really cared for the semi-finals, as I did not agree with the new voting process where you vote off a guy or girl specifically to make the Top 12 evenly balanced. I didn’t see the point.

Especially since I find the talent to be a little bit lacking this year.

Now, I have been trained in various aspects of music. And I know that there’s a ton of technology out there that can make a relatively good singer a superstar. But to me, this use of technology is cheating. To make it big, you can’t be a good singer, you can’t be a great singer, you have to be an incredible singer. You have to blow the socks off your audience, even without accompaniment, even without a microphone and even without a computer boost. Granted, it may not sound as polished. It may not sound as smooth, but the notes should be on and the feeling should be there.

You have to have talent to be a true superstar.

There are many true superstars in the music industry. Unfortunately, there’s also a bunch of computer generated imposters littering the landscape. I think there’s only a couple of contestants on American Idol this season that can become true superstars: Anwar and Nadia. I’m hoping they’ll make the final two. I hope America gets it right. Let’s sit back and watch the show. Even if we have to cover our ears sometimes.