Steve Austin.

I am writing this blog entry from office. Yes, I’m back in the race, sloshing around my cubicle. I feel somewhat like I work for the OSI, keeping my bionics discreet and hiding my secret from the likes of mortal men and women. Musn’t let my tubing show for they’ll expect me to move in slow motion making ch ch ch ch ch sounds.

I’m making it through the day and it feels good. Please cue “I Made It Through The Rain” by Barry Manilow.

I spoke with the doctor today and explained the situation to him. I don’t have a follow up appointment, but rather, will be taking the catheter out myself this coming Monday. We don’t want too much irritation in that area but we do want everything to heal up pretty well. So here we are.

Not only do I feel like a million bucks, I feel like Six Million Bucks.