As I’ve gone on about since, well, since I’ve had this blog, I’m constantly trying to lose weight in an effort to be a healtier, leaner, muscular stud muffin. While I have made some good strides in this effort, I still feel I have a ways to go. But if you think about it, who is ever really happy with their body?

I know that exercise is the key, but I just can not get myself motivated to stare at cement block walls and ride a bike to nowhere. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had some great long distance cycling accomplishments in the past or whether I just don’t like the way I sit on my exercise bike, but I just can not get up the motivation to jump up on there and pedal, pedal, pedal and pedal away the pounds. I find the exercise tedious and monotonous. So I’m thinking of getting back into my yoga practice.

I took a yoga class at Utica College back in the summer of 1998 and it was wonderful. I was the only guy in the class and found that I enjoyed it very much, despite the lack of eye candy. There were some startling aspects, like watching the older women trying to put their nose to the back of their thighs, but for the most part it was a great experience and helped me feel more in touch with my body (nose to the back of the thigh notwithstanding). I didn’t even mind getting showered with sweat from the big Italian woman the was on the mat next to me. It helped me feel butch.

Unfortunately, I think I’ve forgotten most of the poses. One of the important things to remember about yoga, so said the instructor, was that you need to do the poses correctly or you could at the very least negate any exercise type benefit from the practice and at the most really hurt yourself, like relocating your shoulder to your buttocks permanently or something. I do remember a pose called “The Cat” which resembled a cat licking it’s butt but I don’t remember how to get there. Perhaps I need to consult Tom the next time he goes through his routine.

I guess I’ll buy a DVD and start up the practice again. If I get myself into the shape of a pretzel, I’ll share a picture with you.