Soup’s On.

There is something satisfying about a Thursday night to me. I don’t know if it’s the knowledge that tomorrow is the last day of the work week or if I’m cosmically tuned to the concept of Thursday or what, but I always feel most at peace (outside of the weekend) on Thursday evenings after work.

The schedule has been hectic this week; last night Earl and I worked on a “secret project”1, Tuesday night we went shopping for kitchens (as we are redoing the entire kitchen this spring) and tonight I’m going to work on some things in the cellar.

Earl has just started cooking supper. Tonight he is making homemade vegetable soup because rumour has it that there’s a member of the family that is trying to avoid eating meat. To help out with the project, I did as my mother trained me as a child and made the appropriate hor d’oeurve to go with soup: I made a really big bowl of popcorn. Microwave popcorn is not allowed in the house, I always make it with a popcorn popper, copious amounts of oil and too much corn. It came up pretty well, if I do say so myself. Making the popcorn keeps me out of the way and let’s Earl concentrate on his cooking.

It’s going to be a good Thursday night. It always is.

1 The fruits of my “secret project” will be shared soon enough.


  1. I agree! Thursday nights used to have this aura about them…the happiness that Friday and the weekend were on their way! Not so much anymore since I don’t typically work M-F…but I know what you’re talking about, just the same.

  2. Growing up in Indiana, my parents made popcorn at least 3-4 nights a week. They had a grease-blackened double boiler top to pop it in, then it went into a dinged-up aluminum spaghetti cooker pot to be served. Nothing on top but salt. No microwave crap could touch it for taste (and it helped that the corn was local and really fresh, too).

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