Be It Ever So Mortgaged.

Earl and I have lived in our new house since December 1, 2003. Today we decided to decorate. Actually, that’s a lie. We didn’t start today. We just sort of resurrected the thought and did something about it.

When we moved into the new house, we bought new furniture for the “Great” room and the formal living room. Moving from a 155 year old country cottage to an eight-year old transitional, our old furniture just didn’t make it so we opted for something new. The dining room in the new house housed the old dining room table, sans chairs, and the kitchen set in the old house moved on to the same duties in the new house. It didn’t look quite right, but it would do. Oh, we bought a new master bedroom set too when we moved in.

I’ve never felt quite settled in this new house. It’s twice the size of the old one, plus, there was that naked dining room that was just begging for attention. And I’ve discovered that the bigger the house, the bigger the dust bunnies so that’s been quite a chore as well. We recently paid off a bunch of bills so what better way to celebrate than to go back into debt. So we bought a new dining room set and kitchen set, both of which were delivered today.

Unfortunately I was not able to join Earl for the festivities and eye candy of the delivery men, but when I asked if they were good looking, Earl responded, “Yes, especially when he was on his back.” Blunt, but concise. Naturally he was kidding, but after eight years we all could use a good fantasy.

The dining room set is an oak mission style ensemble, complete with hutch and separate buffet. Naturally, we augmented the room with several one-of-a-kind (wink wink) paintings from Pier One (or at least a distant relative, Kirkland’s). And of course, no room is complete in my house without an antique school clock – we had one that matched perfectly.

The kitchen set is a little different than what we’ve had before, it’s a “gathering table”. It seats four or six and is a little higher than your standard table. It’s more at counter height with backed stools for sitting. It’s a really neat concept and makes us feel quite nouveau. We augmented that set with a couple of shelvy-table things for the corners and of course a clock.

There’s still much more that we wish to do, but at least now all the rooms have something substantial in them. I’m going to take more pictures and post them on my .Mac page within the next couple of days.