Slow Down, You Move Too Fast.

Ever since I was a youngster, I’ve always had this need to do any given task as fast as possible. In sixth grade, I always finished my exams first. My teacher always scolded me for rushing through them. I knew I had the answers I wanted on the paper. I did my very best. I didn’t believe in going back and checking my answers. I didn’t believe in second guessing myself.

As I’m learning my new job, I’m finding a tendency to do the same thing. I’m trying to learn everything at once, as quickly as possible, so I can be up to speed and a fully contributing member of the team. This method has worked for me before. I feel it’s when I’m at the top of my game. But this scenario is a little different. I’m helping customers now. I provide technical-type support for them. I have to slow down and think the problem through. In many instances, there are several paths any given trouble ticket can take.

On Monday, I purposely slowed down when I was troubleshooting an equipment problem. I thought about it, calmly, quietly and rationally. I didn’t try to “get it fixed” as quickly as possible, not caring if I stumbled along the way. I reasoned my way through the problem.

It was a much easier to fix the problem this way. I was able to work it through, without asking my co-workers repeat questions. I was rewarded with a “good job”.

There’s always something to learn, every day. On Monday I learned how to slow down.


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