Countdown Is Progressing.

With on-call week behind me, the next adventure that is on the horizon is the “JPnEarl Great Jeep Tour 2006”. In less than two weeks, Earl and I will be on the road in our Jeep Wrangler, driving across the country and back within two weeks. Major stops along the way include Louisville, Ky., Phoenix, Az. and Deadwood, S.D.

I. Can’t. Wait.

I’ve been dreaming about this trip all my life. I’ve been salivating about it for the past six months. I think the idea of this upcoming trip allowed me the luxury of making it through another Upstate New York winter.

I have to be careful and try not to overdo with the plans; there’s a couple of spots we wanted to see that I think we’re going to hold off on and until another time. We’ll still hit most of the states that we originally planned on hitting, but I think it’s important that we kick back and take it at a reasonable pace, so I’ve cut back on a couple of the sidetrips.

I’m trying to be really good with my healthy ways for the next two weeks so I have room to fudge with my weight a little bit. Wait. Did I just say fudge? Fudge? Chocolate Fudge? Peanut Butter Fudge? Oh my gosh, I could eat my weight in fudge right now and go into sugar-induced bliss.

I’m sorry, where was I, oh yes, talking about how much I was looking forward to sticking to the healthy plan while we’re on vacation.

This week we’re figuring out the layout of the Jeep; Earl’s regulations for carry-ons rival those of the airlines and the flight attendant has been replaced by a portable cooler. At least the passenger seat can recline all the way back.

The countdown is on. I feel like a kid in a candy store.


  1. So you must love those signs on the thruway, showing that some rest stops have “Fresh Fudge”. Do people really exit for fresh fudge?

    Jealous over here about your Jeep Tour. I would so do that, had I not had 3 kids. What was I thinking…..someday when they are gone, I am climbing into our future RV, you know the one I have to swear like a sailor to drive because I can’t see over the dash, and I, too, will be heading West ( as I side swipe the house trying to get the damn thing out of Holland Patent).

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