Back To Life. Back To Reality.

Today marked the first day back to work after our wonderful vacation in the Midwest. In typical jpnearl&copy fashion, Earl headed off to far off lands (North Carolina and Tennessee) for work, while I returned to my position as Chief Shrill at the radio station and advertising agency.

Actually, I don’t do my place in the office hierarchy justice by calling it Chief Shrill. I’m the “Director of Operations”. Whatever the hell that means. I’ve heard that I’m second in command. But in reality, I guess I just do everything that other people won’t do.

To celebrate my first day after vacation, I did try something new at work today. I got drunk at lunch. I’ve never been drunk at work before and I must admit that it did make the afternoon hum right by.

Outback Steakhouse is opening in our area tonight. To get us to push the opening on the radio (and other media outlets), Outback had a “media luncheon” where they gave us lots of food and alcohol. I went along with the sales manager and an account executive. I was the “programming representative” of the company. I just went along for the free food. Two glasses of wine and a vodka slushee later, I was back at the office buzzing through my desk throwing away unread mail that had accumulated during my vacation. So what if it was a press release from the governor. It happened last week, it’s yesterday’s news. Get a budget together, Mr. Governor, then we’ll talk.

I rarely drink. I’ve mentioned that after one glass of wine at Olive Garden, I’m dancing with the waitress, flirting with the bartender, calling Earl “Mr. Manwich” (because he’s more than a meal) and complimenting the Italian woman in the next booth on her pretty mustache. So I was just plain giddy after TWO glasses of wine and a vodka slushee. It was a wonderful way to ease into the routine.

I suppose I’ll have to be more serious about it all tomorrow.