Lazy Days and Sundays.

I look up at the clock here in the computer and am shocked to see that it’s 8:15 p.m. already! I’m still in my pajamas, I haven’t showered or shaved and I haven’t been very productive today. It’s a mental health day, I suppose.

Earl has been glued to the television because it’s the last of the playoff games before the Superbowl, of course. We made homemade pizza earlier today for supper, that was quite fun. Earl picked up this Pampered Chef pizza stone and he wanted to give it a test drive, so we made this healthy pizza with lots of fresh veggies and homemade dough. Very tasty!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of judging Little Miss and Mister Mohawk Valley. That’s right, a beauty pageant of sorts. Actually, it was a fundraising pageant to raise money for the Miss Mohawk Valley Scholarship Program, which is part of the “Miss America system”. My dear friend Laurie Jean is executive director of Miss Mohawk Valley and asked me to judge, what with me being a big radio personality and all. (Yeah, whatever on that part). Anyways, I gave my two cents, or rather, two points on the contestants. Thank goodness I just had to sit and smile (don’t clap!) and write numbers down. I don’t think I could have been as cranky as that ass on American Idol. The kids were much too cute.

Last night Earl and I hauled ourselves to Albany for supper and a little shopping excursion. I needed to pick up some techy stuff for work, and the Best Buy in Albany lends itself much more to real purchases. Our Best Buy here is “Best Buy Lite”. In fact, everything in the new big box monstrosity the built here, Consumer Square, is a “lite” version, with each store only being 75% of the size of similar stores throughout the state. For me, less selection equals more gas, so we just drive to the bigger cities to do our serious shopping.

I’ve resurrected my laptop from work and am anxious to start using it regularly again. We bought a new wireless network card for it, so I can haul it to Starbucks or whereever and be impressive and trendy like so many others seem to do these days. I don’t have the nerve to bring it into the bathtub with me though. I’ve read about how rude it is to use your laptop in a meeting, so we’ll have to see if I can stick to etiquette!