The waiting game is still on. Earl and I received some good news today. The “transaction handler” at the real estate office called to let us know that the current house purchaser’s mortgage was approved… call the lawyers for the closing date. Well, well, well. Good news indeed. Earl placed a call with our lawyer, we hope that she’ll return the call tomorrow with some good news. It would be sweet if closing was scheduled for Nov. 13, as that would fit in with the whole 13th theme we’ve had going on our whole relationship.

We did get to walk around our new house again today. We’ve been trying to pick out furniture and such for the house, since it’s considerably bigger than our old house, but being in the house only two times, it was hard to gauge room dimensions and colors and such. So we asked our real estate agent if we could get back in there and take a look around, measure rooms and such, and surprisingly, he agreed. So tonight we got to drink in the whole house again. What a wonderful feeling! 🙂 Now I’m more excited than ever to get into the house – I hope that the closing happens soon.

I am so glad that we are back on Standard Time. I’m not a big fan of Daylight Savings Time, I never have been. I know that it’s suppose to be better because then we have more daylight in the summer after work and I can go bike riding and all that, but honestly, I don’t mind it getting dark a little earlier and everything. There’s such a mystique about this time of the year – chilly winds, rustling leaves, early darkness. It all seems so magical to me.

I think I’ve been a little antsy, maybe ‘cranky’ is a better term, at work. I shouldn’t let my needless worries about moving et al reflect in my professional attitude, but alas, it does. Now that there’s been more signs of activity, I know I’ll be better.

I haven’t spoken to Earl about this, but I’m thinking about taking some online courses from the University of Illinois after the holidays. Computer science courses, so I can get certified in Unix. I’ve been promising this for a long time, and it’s high time I went ahead and did something about it! It’ll be easier to accomplish once we have the high speed internet connection that will probably be installed the first week that we are in the new house! I’ve dumped Linux in favor of FreeBSD, another derivative of Unix. I’m liking it! We stopped at Barnes and Noble so I could buy a new book – I’ve already implemented a couple of things and I’m loving it!

Earl and I relaxed and watched “The West Wing” and “Judging Amy” courtesy of TiVo tonight. My two favorite current television shows. “The West Wing” seems to be faltering just a little bit this year, which is probably due to a changing in writing team, but I think Judging Amy is going along wonderfully!