New Paths

You know, sometimes you just have to sit back and say to yourself, “It’s not that bad, I really am fortunate. Life is good.” And I’ve been doing just that. Over the past month or so I’ve been cranking around work. I’m surprised no one dropped a house on me. Yelling, ranting, carrying on. But before going to work on Monday, I decided to try something a little different for my morning meditation and visualized something new. I visualized a pitch black sky with nothing but an airplane runway below me. The runway is lit up as a runway traditionally would be, except that the lights are white, gold, purple and silver. These lights are blinking in succession away from me, lighting up the path that lies ahead. The path of inner peace. The colors of the lights represent various aspects of my spirituality – the white light of the holy spirit, the gold light of the Christ consciousness, the purple light of spirituality and the silver light of higher consciousness. These lights lead the way to inner peace. And you know what, I’ve been much calmer since I’ve began doing this meditation and I honestly CAN’T get the visualization out of my head now. I think a higher power is helping me out.

And life is good. Ever since the first time Earl and I drove on a portion of the local expressway together, I have traditionally said tapped him on the knee and said “someday this road will take us all the way home” every time we exited at the temporary end of the road. Well after a couple years of hard work from NYSDOT, the Utica-Rome Expressway was officially opened today with great fanfare. Earl, knowing what a road geek he has for a lover, suggested we drive the entire length, in both directions, so I could drink in the workmanship of the road and observe everything I could for my “road enthusiast” website. Cool part is, the new house is just off this expressway as well, just one exit closer to work.

The house is closer to reality, the mortgage company left a message last night to let us know that as far as they’re concerned, we can close on the house. We’re waiting to hear from the buyers of our current house to affirm the same and then we’ll set the closing date. Right now, it’s looking like November 13, which would be absolute kizmet for Earl and I (see this page why).

It’s true. Life is good.