UA 1174.

We are aboard United flight 1174 to O’Hare after a wonderful weekend in New Orleans. According to Captain Catherine we are cruising at FL380 and the air is smooth.

We will be served dinner shortly. I think the flight attendant said something about chicken. She was speaking softly. I’m thinking it may be one of her first flights in the front cabin as she seems to be struggling a bit in the galley and the hot towel was actually sopping wet to the point where my pants are currently quite wet. I don’t mind, everyone has to learn and most of us learn on the job.

We spent quite a bit of time at the brand new KMSY New Orleans International Airport terminal today. From what I read on Wikipedia, the new terminal opened just last month. It has that “so fresh” feel to it. I remember the old terminal being a bit rundown; they were probably due a refresh.

We are currently flying about the clouds so there’s no much to look at out the window. However, courtesy of ForeFlight, here’s our route.

I’m amused by the fact the heating ovens in the galley making whirring noises like a jet engine spooling down. However, we are not losing altitude so all is well.