Winding up another weekend is always a good time, I guess. There’s something rather dampening about the thought of going to work tomorrow morning. I’m going in with a happy thought – I’m going to bring enjoyment back to work. If others around me start chewing about this that or the other thing, I’m going to smile and point out the positive. Not only will it give everyone a cheery disposition, it will prevent me from doing to the same. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Earl and I started the weekend by trying out a local Italian place Friday night. We often drive 60 miles or more for supper on the weekend, but we decided to stay local and went to a place we’ve been eyeballing for the past couple of months. It was very casual, but very, very good. Killer eggplant with homemade sauce.

On Saturday we went on one of our long road trips. I’ve been steadily working on my “counties project” this summer… trying to take a picture of me standing next to a sign for every county (62 of them) in New York State. So Saturday we got up early and drove down to Long Island and back, just to get pictures of the Nassau and Suffolk county signs. Then we took the scenic way back through the Hudson Valley, grabbing those counties as we went along. You can see the results of our labor at my roadgeek site.

We stopped in Albany for a bite to eat at Houlihan’s and then we decided to see “Kill Bill” at the movies. Quentin Tarentino has some pretty wild ideas when it comes to cinema, but he’s clever and the movie was definitely a welcome change of pace. We both really enjoyed it.

Today was football day, Earl enjoyed his Eagles game (even though they lost) while I worked on my roadgeek site. Tomorrow Earl is bringing home boxes so that we can start packing up the house… we received our commitment letter from the mortgage company in the mail on Friday, so it’s official. Can’t wait to find out what the closing date is! We’re both getting very excited, though the prospect of moving is very daunting. I’m really looking forward to the holidays in the new house.

My dad and his girlfriend stopped in on their way through the area today, they were a welcomed site. They were out for a leaf peeping tour of the Adirondacks and wanted to see the landscaping on the old house and they also wanted to drive by the new house. It was good to see them.

I think I’m going to be retiring one of my other hobbies for a while. We’ve decided that it probably wouldn’t be best to punch holes in the walls of the new house for my school clocks collection. I’ll probably set up a couple of my favorites in the basement once we build the four or five rooms were going to put down there, but that will probably be the extent of it. While I’ve enjoyed collecting all the clocks and such, I pretty much have everything I wanted, with many duplicates. I’m going to continue to have the clock website up for a while, since there are a lot of people asking questions about their operation and such, but I don’t see me stringing wire through the new house for bells and everything.

And lastly, Earl informed me that he’s bringing wine back to the supper table once we move. Ha! He’s just looking for a good time.