The Great Purge.

I refuse to be sick. It’s just the way I approach the idea of illness, I refuse to accept it and I press on. Nine times of ten I feel like this approach works to life but once in a while my body wins over my mind and I end up getting sick.

Hence the activities of Friday.

After repeatedly vomiting during the day on Friday and taking some much needed downtime from work, I decided to just approach the weekend to allow my body to do whatever it needed to do. Apparently, that meant lots of sleep. I am writing this on Sunday morning and for the first time in months I actually feel well rested. I took three or four naps yesterday, went to bed early last night and ended up sleeping straight through until my usual wake up time, which these days is around 06:00. I get up early because after all, I’m a middle aged man and that’s when middle aged men apparently wake up. I also have a feline that likes to stir a bit at sunrise.

When my body wins the illness battle and convinces me to slow down, I take a moment and realize that it’s time to listen. So that’s what I’m doing. As a riff on Friday’s theme, I’m calling this weekend “The Great Purge”. I’ve made a few promises to myself in regards to tamping down on some of my habits (caffeine intake, calories intake, etc) and trying to get myself to a better place, both mentally and physically.

My career can be stressful. It’s manageable, at least I think it is, but it is stressful. Sometimes I think I take work things a little too seriously.

Home life can be stressful too. Again, I think it’s manageable but sometimes a house of five grown men can be overwhelming.

As one that tends to read into things, I feel like this bout of illness was my body and brain ganging up on me a little bit and saying, “hey, slow down a little bit. Get your act together.”

And that’s what I’m going to try to do.