The hot, sweltering days of summer. They have dec…

The hot, sweltering days of summer. They have decended upon us like a

plague. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, because old man winter will be

here soon enough, but gosh does it have to be so humid that you stick to

everything you touch?

I went on a short bike ride today… only about eight miles. It was just

before noon, and the humidity was a little much to be riding in near 90

degree temps. So I went around the block.

Earl and I went and saw “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” last night, after

a day long ride through the Finger Lakes. It was a relaxing, leisurely

ride. We packed a picnic and ate at a Thruway rest stop. About a half hour

into the ride, we came to a grinding halt on the Thruway. There was a very

bad accident with an overturned mini-van. We were about twenty cars back

from passing all the action (after creeping for about 10 minutes) when

emergency personnel stopped everyone where they were. Minutes later, a

medi-vac helicopter came in and landed on the Thruway. So we knew we were

going to be there for quite a while. We shut off the car, and like everyone

else, got out and walked around a bit. The police didn’t let people up near

the scene of the accident (understandably), so we walked around talking with

others that were stopped. We chatted with a family from St. Charles,

Illinois (Earl has relatives there) and from Wisconsin. While it was a

tragic reason that we were stopped there, it was refreshing to chat with

other people from various slices of life. Traffic resumed after about an

hour. Fortunately, no one had been killed in the accident, though they did

have to use the jaws of life.

while we were riding, we took the opportunity to snap some pictures for my

great New York Counties project. I think we’re almost two-thirds of the way

to completion!

After the bike ride today, Earl and I did some grocery shopping, and just

kind of relaxed. Caught up on laundry and that sort of thing. Had a light

supper and now we are eating fresh strawberries for a little snack.

There are storms brewing after all of this sultry weather. I think it’s

going to be an interesting night with thunderstorms. I’m looking forward to