Blogs of August.

Photo courtesy of When Giants Meet.

So one of the tech journalists that I really enjoy and have a lot of respect for, Mike Elgan, has challenged some bloggers to use Google+ exclusively for the month of August. I have accepted this challenge and have actually found that it has made me blog more than usual so far this month.

There’s a few snags here and there, for example, I have to group multiple pictures together and hyperlinking is a little wonky, but for the most part, it is working quite well and I am experiencing more feedback there than I have through my actual blog in a long while.

Aside from this entry, I am pushing my blog entries from Google+ to my blog here. From here, it gets pushed to Twitter and Facebook like it always has.

In addition to my normal blog entries, you might find additional content on my Google+ profile which is here. I tend to REALLY geek out on Google+ so if you’re inclined to see what’s going on in my geekdom, feel free to take a peek.

This Google+ experience has made me sort of reevaluate how I use social networking, and my thoughts on that are going to be blogged about soon.

In the meanwhile, I shall be getting back to my vacation.