Schoolhouse Rock!

Another night of writing the blog on my Palm Pilot. The computer is updating my road geek web site, and instead of slowing down the internet connection by doing other things at the same time, I thought I would play it safe and work on my blog on the Palm Pilot until it finished.

I’m getting such a kick out of working on my road website. I recently added a “County Info” section, originally with the goal of having me stand next to a county-line sign of each of the 62 counties in New York. Then I decided to do a little background information on each county — and I am learning such fascinating facts about the state we live in. For example, Montgomery County was originally named Tryon County, and had it’s name changed to honor General Richard Montgomery, a Revolutionary War hero. Albany County originally encompassed most of New York State and Vermont – and originally extended westward to the Pacific Ocean! I’m finding this little history lesson quite fascinating.

I’ve been cycle-commuting to and from work everyday this week. Considering it’s only Tuesday, let’s see if I make it the rest of the week! The weather is suppose to hold out. I’ve been taking a little bit more streneous route (a little longer and a few extra hills). According to the scale, it’s been paying off. I’ve been asked lately, “What’s with the beard?” Faithful blog followers will know that I usually tie beard growth to something, and this time it’s my weight goal. I’m going to shave off the beard into a really cool looking mustache when I reach my weight goal for the summer. I’ll post a picture when I do it. Until then, its a bushy beard. I’m really diggin’ the look… I decided to keep my head shaved and just have the beard. Pretty funky.