Something different, a short little meditation…

Take a moment, if you will and clear your mind. Stare at the screen blankly as you read this. Forget about work. Forget about the noise around you. Don’t think about the desktop theme on your computer, or the things your co-workers said to you today. Ignore the laundry for just a moment. Clear your mind of extraneous thoughts. Take a deep breath. Feel that breath enter your lungs and fill you up, all the way down to your abdomen. Your body is filled with the wonderful breath of life. As you exhale, breathe out all the air you can. Every ounce of air left in your body. Because with that air the leaves your body, so does all the negative thoughts, hurtful things and unkind words that were hurled at you today. As all that negative energy leaves, it is instantly filled with happiness, answers to your questions, positive thoughts, a different view, a grasp at a passing thought.

Now do something you may have not done for quite a while today. Smile. Feel it. Feel the happiness. Feel the “upside down frown” of your face. Enjoy the smile.

Now enjoy the rest of your day. And while you’re at it, enjoy tomorrow too.

Thank you for sharing this little meditation with me.