‘m writing this blog entry off-line tonight becaus…

‘m writing this blog entry off-line tonight because blogger.com is upgrading their software as I type. I’m probably loading it long after I type it, but who knows.

Life has been plugging along in an odd way for me lately. This past Saturday was my cousin’s wedding… it was at Selkirk Shores State Park under the pavilion. A very nice, intimate gathering of 150 family and friends. My mother and father were both there (they’ve been seperated just short of five years), and my Mom seemed a little stressed about the situation but as I predicted everything was fine for the most part. Which was a sigh of relief. I think I was almost as stressed as they were.

Sunday we took a ride through historic Cooperstown and to the Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek. I’m scoping out day-long bike rides again, and a trip to Cooperstown seems to be in order. I’ve been itching to hop back on my bike, but the weather has not been very cooperative. I hope that summer kicks in soon. It’s been entirely too rainy.

I had another weird dream with Xena in it again. I kind of get a little wigged out, because I seem to be the “bad guy” in these dreams. Of course, being the neurotic mess that I can be, I start to psychoanalyize the whole thing and wonder if I’m being evil to other people and not realizing it. Earl just tells me to “calm down”. Then I wonder if actually it’s old “evil Xena” in the dream and I’m conquering evil. You think I’m odd on the blog, you should meet me in person!

So as I mentioned before, life seems to be just plonking along. I’m a little off focus or something. Maybe I’ll get in my groove tomorrow. Maybe Monday just didn’t agree with me.