June Is Busting Out All Over!

There’s something about writing my blog using my Palm Pilot that makes me more interested in writing in my blog. Maybe it’s the cool keyboard or something, but I really like typing on my Palm Pilot.

Earl and I have had a relaxing weekend. Friday night we went and saw “The In-laws” with Michael Douglas. Cute movie. It’s a DVD we could own.

Before the movie we went to Denny’s, where they ran out of toast and I could have a slice of bread instead. I haven’t figured out that reasoning yet either.

Earl worked most of Saturday morning, so I worked on my road website and actually got quite a bit done. UpstateNYRoads.com is actually the oldest of the sites I maintain, having created it in 1996. Earlier this year, after our trip to Arizona to be exact, I decided that it needed a complete revamping, so that’s exactly what I did. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m liking the challenge.

Saturday night we drove to Rochester just for the heck of it. We ended up going to “Tinseltown Theatres” owned by Cinemark (very nice) and seeing “The Italian Job”. We both really enjoyed this movie. It had a nice blend of suspense, action and humor. Very enjoyable. Almost forgot that you were cheering on “bad good guys”.

One of the trailers before last night’s movie was for Tomb Raider 2. Looked quite interesting. So Earl and I decided to get the DVD for the first movie and get up to speed so we’re ready for the second.

Thank goodness it looks like the rain is coming to an end for a while. It has done nothing but rain here for the past 10 days or so, save for Friday when it was actually decent. I had a chance to commute to work on my bike… I had been itching to get out there and ride. It looks like I’m going to be able to do the same Monday and Tuesday of this week. Let’s see what the rest of the week brings.

I’ve been having this theme in my dreams lately. Whenever I get irked in my dreams by someone, I give them “The Pinch” like on Xena. Heck, Xena has been in a couple of my dreams as well. This one is hard for me to figure out – maybe I need acupuncture?

So today has been sort of errands day I suppose. We went to Target and bought household essentials, and then on to grocery shopping. We’ve been going to P&C (when we stay local to grocery shop), but have become rather disenchanted with them. Plus, they’ve recently declared bankrupcy, supporting my theory that when a retail chain upgrades the registers in all their stores, they’re getting ready to go bankrupt.

Anyways, we ended up going to Hannaford instead. Surprisingly, Hannaford has added a “Nature’s Cupboard” type department with all the wonderful things we usually find at Wegman’s. So it’s going to be easy to be back on my “whole health” track again. I did pick up some dandelion tea that is suppose to cleanse my mind and body and help me regain my focus… let’s see if it works.