I am sitting downstairs at our breakfast table. Ea…

I am sitting downstairs at our breakfast table. Earl is cooking lunch (I believe we are having sausage roll) and watching some entertainment gossip show at the same time. I’ve been messing around with the computer and I just got around to taking a shower.

I have to admit that after 34 1/2 years in this life, some people may be right. My moods can be like a pendulum. Now I’m not some whackos that goes from 0 to 60 on the rage scale in five seconds, but I guess I tend to look at all sides of the situation and I tend to want to try all things. For example, I switched web page software today (again) and installed Microsoft FrontPage 2002. That’s a complete 180 from my anti-Microsoft stance last week, now isn’t it. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I’m on “one side” of an argument, I stay on that side and stand my ground, but when it’s more trivial stuff (should we go to the movies, what do you want for supper, Linux-Windows-Linux-Windows) I tend to look at all sides (advantages/disadvantages) of this situation. Does this mean I’m a mess? Maybe … but at least I recognize it now.

I’m slowly accomplishing my 2003 resolutions and it’s Jan 4th! I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet.

Tonight we are going to see “Lord of the Rings”, the second installment. We watched the DVD of the first one on New Year’s Eve, now we’re ready to see the one currently in theatres. After Lord of the Ring, we watched Dick Clark and his usual drop the ball ceremony. I have a theory that he’s really not there at all and just recorded 15 years or so ahead of time and now we’re seeing that. But I can be a conspiracy theory whacko when I want to be.

I finally decided to shave off my mustache. When I did so, I instantly felt better about myself. I don’t know why I put such stock into my physical appearance, but I admit it, I am very vain. I may not be the prettiest on the block, but I carry myself like I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s been several hours since I started this entry, now Earl is taking a shower and we are getting ready to head to a 6:30 movie – “Lord of the Rings”. It should be a fun night.