12/29/2002 I’ve been slightly following this stor…


I’ve been slightly following this story about the cloning of a human, presumably in Europe. Now, I’m a pretty liberal guy and I have pretty libery ideals, but the idea of cloning human beings makes me sick. It’s coming to close to playing God for me. There are many whackos in the world who would like to play God, and this just gives them another tool to do so. And to name her Eve. What a crock of crap. I personally find the idea of cloning a human similar to purchasing a car just like your own at a junk yard so that you have spare parts. And that is just sick (the cloning, not the extra car). Maybe they see something beneficial that I don’t see, but right now I think human cloning is just wrong.

Earl and I are busying ourselves about the house today. Baking, exercising, cleaning. It’s an odd time of the year, since work is “stop and go, stop and go”… not very busy at all and with so many days off you can’t really keep track of what day it is. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

I worked on my clock system this afternoon and got the outdoor clocks working again. I haven’t mentioned this to Earl, but I’d like to get a miniature tower clock for the front yard, when the new landscaping goes in this spring, even if we have to have it custom made ourselves.