With all the homelessness, poverty, climate change, brewing wars, and other travesties too numerous to list here, the Republicans in various states and districts are focusing on what’s really important.

Where drag queens are performing.

In Arkansas, there’s a bill to label drag queen performances as “adult entertainment”. If passed, and with their new governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it probably will, performing in clothing and makeup contrary to your gender assigned at birth will become a crime.

The bill is so arbitrarily written that it will essentially make it illegal for kids to see Bugs Bunny trying to fool Elmer Fudd in a Saturday morning cartoon.

I did a little digging on Arkansas and how they’re faring these days.

  • 28th in education
  • 17th in quality of roads
  • 28th in unemployment

They’re pretty middle of the road, but could do better.

On the other hand, Arizona is 50th in education. That’s right, last place. So of course, goth queen Justine Wadsack, after finally being elected to the state senate here in Arizona after years of trying and resorting to infesting the entire desert landscape with her visage, has introduced a similar bill here in Arizona. Because the roads and the homeless and the poverty and the lack of education and all that are not important. Men that appear prettier than her must be stopped. At all costs.

Justine Wadsack.

Personally I’ll stick with Bugs Bunny instead of this nut job. I am really, really tired of stupid people being so stupid.